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About Teapots

Teapots are the most important tea accessory and most characteristic item to make tea. It is recommended to purchase a teapot for each type of tea: black, smoked, flavoured, green, etc., since a layer of grounds is formed at the bottom of the teapot and this provides a particular flavour. These are the main types of teapots. 

Gres - Stoneware

Stoneware teapots are characteristic for their robustness, opacity (except some exception) and low porosity, and therefore they are water resistant. Their enamelling is merely decorative. The colour of the teapot is mostly grey, although it can have other tones. ALL in ONE Teapots Glass teapots are used to see the colour of the tea or appreciate how the tea leaves open. Their technical characteristics make them more suitable for flavoured teas, since glass does not retain the flavours of tea due to the lack of porosity. They are made in heat resistant borosilicate glass. 

Cast iron or Tetsubin teapots

Tetsubin teapots are the perfect Japanese container to prepare tea, and are a very prestigious piece of workmanship due to the complicated process of creation. Hand casting is used to make these Japanese teapots in a sequence of 64 to 68 steps, most of them by hand.

Only 5 teapots can be made with each mould. Quality is controlled by a crafts master known as Kamashi. In order to become a craftsman in this speciality it is necessary to work in this field for 15 years, and 30-40 to become a Kamashi. They are suitable for any type of tea because the inside is enamelled, although they must be used with care. 

Teapot Maintenance:

Teapots cannot be washed in the dishwasher or water and soap. They must be emptied, rinsed with clean water and places face down to drain. Dry the outside but not the inside. In order to remove tannin from a glassed teapot, silver or glass, fill with a solution of two spoonfuls of baking soda and let it sit all night. Empty it in the morning, rinse well and let dry. In case of terracotta teapots, never wash the inside. A layer is formed with use that is vital to brewing. 

Now you know everything you need to know to purchase your teapot from Tea Shop!