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Rooibos teas

An intense flavour and multiple properties is what will start you off enjoying rooibos

    About Rooibos teas

    Rooibos, or rooibos tea, as it does not contain theine, but maintains an intense flavour at the same time, is one of the most well-known and popular herbal teas of all. Rooibos herbal tea is obtained from a shrub on the South African coast through the fermentation of its leaves. This fermentation makes rooibos tea take on a reddish colour in the majority of its compositions. Although, the green rooibos variety, which has not undergone fermentation, is characterised by a much lighter, greenish colour. 

    Do you know the properties of rooibos?

    If you do not know what rooibos is, or you are asking yourself what rooibos is for, you will be pleased to find out that it has many benefits. Amongst rooibos properties lies its high content in vitamins and minerals, together with digestive and relaxing qualities, and a lack of a stimulating effect, as it does not contain theine. In this way, rooibos herbal tea stands out for its help in getting to sleep, its slimming effects, and its aid in pregnancy, and not only! It also has medical properties for the liver, heart and circulation. 

    Prepare a delicious rooibos tea

    Making a rooibos tea that preserves all its properties and benefits, and that also maintains the best flavours, is not always easy! This is why, at Tea Shop, we are offering you rooibos loose tea and a multitude of accessories, such as teapots and infusers, that allow you to best enjoy all of its flavour and now helps you to prepare the best herbal teas. In addition, among the varieties that we are offering you, you can find rooibos with cinnamon and vanilla rooibos, ingredients that strengthen rooibos’ inherent flavour, and strengthen its flavour and properties. And if you are daring, the theine-free tea combined with natural or plant milk increases the pleasure even more. 

    Get a perfect rooibos herbal tea

    Now that you know what rooibos is good for, you will certainly be thinking of buying rooibos tea to add it to your day-to-day life in your diet. Find all the rooibos loose tea blends that you need in the Tea Shop tea e-commerce store and prepare a perfect infusion that maintains all of its properties and flavours. Prepare your spiced rooibos tea with Tea Shop, just like a professional.