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About Honey

How about adding something sweet to your life? It is difficult to talk about honey without listing the benefits that are usually attributed to it. Its uses range from mixing honey with lemon to alleviate a sore throat to sweetening our tea with a teaspoon of it as a substitute to sugar. And that’s without mentioning its infinite possibilities when it comes to cooking. Honey is a product with so much history and so many uses and properties that it makes sense to clarify some points before getting the first honey we come across.

First of all, is all honey the same? The answer is no. And all those properties that we are always talking about, as well as its flavour and quality, are directly related to the way in which it is made, collected, prepared and preserved.

All our honeys are high quality and come from certified beekeepers. Very importantly, they are free from glucose and fructose, unlike those of many producers, who choose to lower the price of honey at the expense of its quality.

By the way, did you know that honey is the only product of natural origin that takes a long time to expire? Whatever you need, add a touch of sweetness with our Tea Shop honeys.