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Porcelain Teapot

Prepare your tea with the iconic material and design of an authentic porcelain teapot

About Porcelain Teapot

The teapot is the most important tea accessory and one of the most significant symbols when it comes to preparing tea. At Tea Shop, we recommend buying a teapot for each type of tea, whether it is black, smoked, scented, green, etc. This is because a well layer is formed in the teapot which gives it a certain aroma. As a result, the aroma and flavour could be affected with each type of tea. 

Porcelain teapots are the most well known in Spain. They earned their fame and reputation thanks to Chinese culture, becoming a symbol of elegance and prestige in Europe. They are the bestsellers as they are very practical and are decorated with varied motifs. Thanks to their design, they can be cleaned very easily and can even become perfect decorative objects. 

 These porcelain teapots are also characterised by their production with high-quality elements, thanks to the clay used and the temperature at which they are fired. For this reason, it is important to pre-heat them before preparing your tea, as they retain the heat very well. They are ideal for black teas and herbal teas because they require high temperatures. 

So, don't leave our online store without your porcelain teapot!