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White tea

The tea of beauty par excellence that you will fall in love with for its delicate flavour and fine aroma

    About White tea

    White tea has several health benefits, and in particular antioxidant properties, as well as fighting cancer and ageing of cells. In addition, this type of tea contains less caffeine. Tea Shop offer you a careful selection of high-quality white tea on-line, pure or flavoured with different types of flowers and fruits. 

    This is the most select and delicate category. 

     A cup of white tea is a delicacy of floral and sweet flavours with a light bitter touch. White tea is made from the most tender tips of the plant, when they still have fuzz covering them. It is collected, withered naturally and dried. It has a silvery white colour. White tea is the variety richest in antioxidants and is low in caffeine. We recommend drinking it by itself. Teashop on-line offers you the possibility of purchasing the best quality tea on-line with different combinations with a base of flowers, fruits or spices. 

    Discover the properties of white tea in our on-line Tea Shop!