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Other Accompaniments

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About Other Accompaniments

Do you consider yourself a tea lover? Do you like to enjoy a tasty and aromatic tea that keeps all its properties intact? If so, you will appreciate having the right accompaniments to prepare your special teas. Making tea can become an art. It all depends on the desire you have and on the accessories for tea that you have at your disposal.

 Are you looking for a holder for your single loose tea bag, sized measuring spoons for tea, ice cubes to cool it down, items for matcha tea or heat-resistant glass jugs? In this section, find all the specialised elements you need for your teas, herbal teas and rooibos teas to make your tea perfect. 

In this section, you will also find utensils for tea, to celebrate the tea ceremony in Japanese style: bamboo whisk, various bowls with Japanese designs, bamboo spoons and much more.