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Black tea

The natural drink characterised by its stimulant properties and an intense flavour with a full body

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About Black tea

Are known for their amber colour, with an intense body and flavour that the biggest tea enthusiasts enjoy. One of the main characteristics that distinguishes this tea from the rest is its increased oxidation, which is why its theine content and aroma are greater than those of other teas, such as green, oolong and white tea. 

The incredible properties of black tea

 There are many benefits of black tea that help us to care for our bodies. One of the properties of black tea is its antioxidant content, which, as well as helping us to prevent and slow down the oxidation of other molecules, contributes to reducing the risk of suffering from heart attacks thanks to its flavonoids. It is also considered a very effective natural drink in preventing the formation of tooth decay and an agent against cholesterol. On the other hand, we should not forget the properties of black tea for losing weight. Although other types of tea, such as red or green tea, are more effective, this loose tea can also help us to lose weight alongside a balanced diet. 

In addition to the numerous properties of black tea for our health, it is also considered a perfect coffee substitute with similar stimulant properties. It is the most stimulating variety of tea, since the oxidation promotes the release of theine in the herbal tea. Furthermore, it is the variety of tea whose tea leaves undergo a greater oxidation. Enjoy an energetic state that is both mental and physical with your most personalised black tea!

 The unmistakable Earl Grey black tea 

 The Earl Grey black tea variety is one of the big stars in Great Britain during its mythical tea time. This herbal tea is produced from a blend of tea flavoured with bergamot oil, giving it a smoother flavour and an unmistakable aroma. This Earl Grey tea blend still holds all the benefits of black tea, but adds a smoother and lighter taste. One of the most popular ways of drinking this herbal tea is by mixing black tea with milk, obtaining an Earl Grey black herbal tea that is very appetising. The milk gives it body with a smooth texture and, at times, a more delicate and sweet flavour. 

In the Tea Shop store online, you can find classic Earl Grey black tea or Earl Grey black tea mixed with flowers and fruits, such as jasmine flowers and cornflowers, lemon rind or bits of cocoa, and coconut or caramel. This allows you to always benefit from its properties with different nuances, aromas and flavours. 

Buy black tea from Tea Shop 

Get high-quality black tea with original flavour and aromatic combinations, such as black tea with berries, apple and beetroot, black tea with cinnamon, with small bits of chocolate, and much more. And if standard tea isn’t your thing, discover the surprising blend of Chai Latte black tea. With different varieties of tea and various spices emulsified with milk particles and natural flavouring, you will be able to make the most of the British black tea with milk experience. 

At Tea Shop, not only do we want to offer you the best loose teas (like the different blends and varieties of black tea online), we also want to provide you with all the preparation accessories, such as infusers and mugs with strainers. We want you to be able to get the most out of all the benefits of every single ingredient in your favourite blend and, also, to preserve the freshest aromas and flavours in each combination.