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About Biscuits

When we think of the perfect accompaniment for tea time, the winner is without a doubt the rich and crispy biscuit. Do you prefer those with butter or those with a touch of red fruit? Enjoy a moment of relax on your own or in company and surprise your guests with a special pack of Tea Shop cookies. 

Here, we have the best biscuits to accompany a good cup of tea! You can find the best Dutch biscuits with a caramel and spice filling, ideal to accompany your favourite tea, or our Red Velvet Crunch, tasty, light, homemade biscuits with natural ingredients. They come with craft design packaging and delicious flavours! 

We also have the Fine Original Butter Biscuits for you, a tasty biscuit made by hand from natural ingredients. Or, you can also discover the Fine Butter and Red Fruit Biscuits with natural ingredients and made by hand: a traditional recipe with a red fruit flavour. The sweet flavour is what most characterises our delicious biscuits which you will really enjoy to accompany a good cup of tea! 

Share a good cup of tea and some biscuits with family and friends in cold periods for a little treat.