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Loose teas

Immerse yourself in a multitude of flavours and unique aromas from loose tea.

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About Loose teas

Tea Shop offers a wide variety of bulk tea to discover an unlimited amount of tastes. Leaf tea follows an artisanal process of collection and elaboration to keep all the flavour and properties. Unlike other formats of tea, leaf tea is not chopped and is made of young leaves that provide a higher quality tea.

Our on-line ship offers different types of tea with blends of spices, flowers or fruits, creating unique tastes and combinations. In case of black tea, you can find from the strongest blends, such as black tea grown in Sri Lanka, to light and fruity black tea with mango. Green tea is one of the teas with highest antioxidant contents, and provides herbal tastes, which combined with flowers and fruits, creates delicious results. We also offer many types of red tea, from new flavours such as brownie ted tea, to fruity or floral flavours, and of course the original red tea. In addition, Tea Shop also has a large variety of oolong teas (or blue tea), and white tea, as well as herbal teas, rooibos and matcha.

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