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Teaspoons & measuring spoons

The right measure to be able to enjoy your favourite tea. Say goodbye to bitter and tasteless teas!

About Teaspoons & measuring spoons

The measuring spoons that you can find in our store to buy tea online are a kind of utensil for tea that allows you to get the right amount, without going over, while enjoying all the aroma, flavour and body characteristics of loose tea. Find measuring spoons together with other accessories for tea, ideal to avoid overdoing it with too much tea, and get a perfect tea in all senses. 

How many times have we heard, "I don't like tea", "It's just that tea is bitter", or even, "Tea doesn't taste of anything to me"? These recurring problems can be solved when we put the perfect amount of tea into our mug of tea, and we leave the infusion for the time that corresponds with the right amount. If you don't want your tea, tisane, herbal tea or rooibos tea to be insipid, or if you are afraid of going over with the quantity of your loose tea, then you are in the right section. Choose any of our measuring spoons for tea. You can find both those for individual mugs and those for teapots. 

Stainless steel measuring spoons 

Tea Shop's measuring spoons are durable stainless steel measuring spoons with engraved measures so that they do not disappear over time. These measuring spoons ensure that the flavour and aroma of the tea we drink is not affected by the material. Discover all the models of stainless steel measuring spoons and get them in just two clicks, simply and easily from our online tea shop. Buy stainless steel measuring spoons and many other utensils in this section for spoons for tea.

 Measuring spoon measures 

At Tea Shop, we are offering you various measuring spoon measures so that you can choose the one that best suits your habits and tastes when it comes to drinking tea. Find the (12.5 cm) stainless steel measuring spoon and the measuring spoon for mugs and teapots that will help you to use the amount of green tea, oolong tea, white tea and red tea required for each drink. Measuring spoons of different sizes, perfect for you and to enjoy your tea without excesses or imperfections. 

 Buy measuring spoons

 Buying measuring spoons from the online Tea Shop store specialised in tea and loose tea is the ideal, easy and simple way to calculate the amount of tea required for each of your breakfasts. If you would like to complete your tea and herbal tea set, discover a wide range of complementary accessories and utensils for tea on our website, which will ensure a more than complete and satisfactory preparation for all your herbal teas. Buy measuring spoons for all types of tea and many more accessories with a single click at our Tea Shop online store.