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Matcha tea

The most ancient Japanese tea rich in flavour and properties.

    About Matcha tea

    Matcha tea is a kind of green tea powder that is very popular around the world thanks to the countless benefits that this type of matcha green tea brings. The form in which matcha tea powder is presented means that all its benefits, such as antioxidants, and all its nutritional value are concentrated in this green powder of great beauty. If you would like to know more about matcha tea, how to prepare it and what its properties are, we will tell you everything at Tea Shop.

    Do you know how to prepare matcha tea?

    Before learning how to prepare this type of tea, it is important to know how it is made. Matcha tea powder is obtained from the entire leaf of the plant, which is dried and ground to obtain its delicate powder. Japanese matcha tea is usually sold as packaged tea because, otherwise, it could lose its properties and benefits. To prepare it, we can use a wide range of recipes that enhance all its flavour and manage to make the most of all its properties. If you do not know how to make matcha tea or how to drink matcha tea, you could base your preparation on that of a herbal tea. Although, you could also use the flavour of this tea for recipes such as cakes, biscuits, smoothies and other snacks.

    The properties of matcha tea that will make you want it in your diet

    The properties of matcha tea have made this variety of tea one of the most valued. It is through the preparation of matcha tea that you are able to take advantage of all the benefits of the green tea leaves. It condenses a little, so one cup of tea can contain 10 times more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and many more matcha green tea properties. The benefits of matcha tea range from reducing cholesterol to reducing stress, as well as having matcha tea to lose weight and look after yourself. 

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