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Splendid packs of tea and herbal tea, to make that special daily moment original, different and always tasty

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About Gifts

At Tea Shop we have different packs designed for different individual needs. Are you new to the world of tea and you want to give it a try?

 We have beginner’s kits. Immerse yourself in the world of tea! If you already have your favourite tea, we also have packs with different blends of the same colour of tea. Find your ideal packaged tea among our varieties of green tea, matcha tea and black tea with a high theine content, or in our herbal tea kits. You can purchase them at Tea Shop for yourself or as a gift for someone who wants to get started in the world of tea.

 At Tea Shop, you will find red tea, green tea, matcha tea and any other type of packaged tea in our perfect packs.