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About Jams

Are you one of those people who struggles to start the day? There are many who, exhausted from lack of sleep, or from always having the same breakfast, find it difficult to face the morning.

Perhaps it would be best to start every morning with an extra touch of sweetness. And to do so, there’s nothing better than our selection of delicious homemade jams, ideal for giving your breakfasts a smooth touch. You have a whole range of flavours and marmalades at your disposal to choose from day after day: apple and cinnamon jam, ginger jam, as well as a full set of jams and honeys that contains cherry jam, orange jam and strawberry jam.

Jam is a sweet preserve that is made by cooking fruit, which is either whole or chopped, in a small amount of water and with a proportion of sugar that equals the weight of the fruit used. At Tea Shop, we make our jams by hand, respecting traditional preparation methods, to ensure high quality and nutritional value. This way, you can enjoy all our varieties as you please.

For a healthy and nutritional morning, we would urge you to have your favourite tea and our delicate jams with your breakfast. Start every day with a smile!