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About Food

The best way to drink tea is to accompany it with the best biscuits and, why not, a touch of sugar. Discover our range of artisan products that are perfect to accompany your tea moments.

Sugar Candy Rock

The Sugar Candy Rock is a confectionery product, made from a solution of brown sugar and oversaturated water. It is usually dissolved in teas, herbal teas and other hot drinks, being a significant part of tea culture in East Frisia (Germany), although it is also used in many other countries. To use it, just put one or two stones into the bottom of the mug. They will dissolve slowly to fill our herbal tea with a slightly fruity flavour. 

Farmhouse Biscuits

The Farmhouse Biscuits are light and crunchy biscuits. They are ideal for consumption with any type of tea at any time of the day. Eating biscuits to accompany tea is a widespread practice that makes the moment more complete. Discover the best tea biscuits at Tea Shop! 

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Biscuits represent the detail that makes all the difference at tea time, helping to create moments of calm and relaxation as we enjoy a perfect blend. Enjoy a moment of real pleasure accompanying your tea with the best biscuits.