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Infusers | Tea filters

Make the most of the aroma and flavour of your loose tea with one of these original infusers

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    About Infusers | Tea filters

    The role of tea infusers is to filter the infusion at the right time, easily and practically. The most important thing for a tea filter is that it is large enough for the tea leaves to unfold completely, and to allow all the infusion’s aroma to emerge, without these or any other ingredients leaking into the drink. 

    The most original tea infusers

    The most well-known tea infusers are the famous tea ball infusers. These containers to infuse tea are characterised by their closed stainless steel mesh circumference with an opening in the middle that allows tea leaves to be placed comfortably and practically. This type of tea strainer also has a chain to be able to remove from and insert the strainer into the cup or mug easily. At Tea Shop, we go above and beyond the practicality of tea balls and wanted to turn them into original tea infusers, adding a figure relating to the art of tea at the end of the chain. We also have infusers with silicone chains or on practical tongs. 

    It is important to emphasise that infusers should only be filled to half of their capacity, so that the tea has room to infuse. These accessories for tea can be cleaned with water only, but may also be washed in the dishwasher. If they darken due to tannin, they can be cleaned with warm water and bicarbonate of soda or lemon juice.

    Choose your ideal filter for tea:

    Tea Shop’s tea filters are open containers to hold tea and filter it with ease. When choosing filters for infusions that adapt to your favourite types of tea and that allow you to prepare the best herbal tea, we must focus on each filter’s type of mesh or tea strainer. Tea Shop’s filters for infusions are all made of stainless steel, although you can choose the thickness of the mesh and the diameter of the filter based on the type of tea you usually prepare. 

    Sustainable paper filters for infusions

    Another option that you can choose from our store to buy tea online are paper filters. These tea diffusers have been designed with sustainable paper and for single use, so that you can prepare a delicious loose tea correctly on the go. These practical paper tea bags will allow you to prepare a high-quality herbal tea with a practical, sustainable and disposable container that you can use for trips away from home, or to offer your customers a quality cup of tea if you have a coffee shop or restaurant. 

    Find where to buy tea infusers and filters to prepare the best herbal tea at Tea Shop.