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Tea mugs

Discover our most exclusive designs. With or without filter, you can choose the one you like most!

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About Tea mugs

One of the purposes of the design of tea mugs is the thermal insulation of the beverage in order to prevent it from getting cold or warm quickly. 

The bottom of the mug is not flat usually, but concave or with an additional edge in order to reduce the thermal contact with the surface in contact with the tea mug, and therefore often leaving the typical ring. Lastly, the handle keeps the hand away from the hot tea mug. For this reason, tea mugs are made with low thermal conductivity materials, such as terracotta, porcelain, Bone China or glass. The right colour for mugs is white or light tones that allow you to see the colour of the tea. 

Mugs with Filter

Exclusive Tea Shop designs, mugs with inbuilt filter, so that they can be considered an individual teapot. They include a lid, since the flavour of the tea is more concentrated when covered. At the end of the brewing time, the lid can be used to drain the filter of the mugs with filter.

With or without filter, choose your favourite tea mug!