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Matcha Tea Ceremony

Revive the essence of one of the most iconic tea's rituals and ceremonies in the most traditional way

About Matcha Tea Ceremony

Matcha tea, one of Japan's most classic drinks. Have you tried it? 

If you don't yet know what its healthy properties are, matcha tea helps with weight loss as it is a fat burner and increases metabolism, calmness and relaxation. It also improves our mood and helps our concentration. Besides that, matcha tea gives us more energy and improves our physical resistance. At Tea Shop, you have all the essentials to be able to create your own Japanese tea ceremony in the most traditional way. Prepare your matcha tea and share it with your friends and family. 

 Asian cultures are perfectionists by definition. As a result, when a tea ceremony is held, everything must be perfect (bamboo whisk, ceremonial teaspoon, technique and attitude). To this effect, the following fundamental aspects must be taken into account when celebrating an authentic tea ceremony: 

 Attitude is everything: the tea ceremony should occur in a calm and relaxed way to create a peaceful and unique experience. The choice of the right tea of the highest quality, taking into account its physical aspect (scent, flavour, form) and its spiritual one (history, name and origin). Pay attention to the quality of the water. It must be clear and pure. Careful selection of utensils, taking into account both their practicality and aesthetic quality, in search of a yin-yang balance. Consider the details of the setting to create a comfortable, clean and calm space.

 The technique must be perfect: the tea service must be relaxed and elegant, following the correct movement of the hand, facial expressions and traditional dress. 

 Are you ready? Buy your Matcha Tea Ceremony at our online store and enjoy a Japanese tea ceremony with your friends and family!