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About Green tea

There are many reasons why green tea is a perfect natural drink for looking after our bodies. In addition to its properties and benefits for our health, it is smooth and delicate, ideal for any time of day. Another of the qualities of green tea that has made this drink a favourite for many lovers of herbal teas is its ability to be combined perfectly with any other ingredient. We also have a large variety, in terms of origins and types of green tea, at our disposal

 Do you know what the properties of green tea are?

 Green herbal tea has a great deal of benefits, which include assisting digestion, improving liver activity and circulation. In addition, its high content of antioxidants and vitamins makes it a perfect natural drink to take care of our immune systems. Other properties of green tea that stand out in this herbal blend are its benefits relating to blood sugar control. Regular consumption of this herbal tea causes green tea’s qualities to act on blood sugar levels, helping to reduce bad cholesterol. This may contribute to preventing diabetes and to the improvement and prevention of other problems relating to cardiovascular health. 

Types of green tea that will make you fall in love

 Green tea has become one of the most consumed drinks in the world, giving rise to numerous types and varieties of green tea, such as Chinese green tea, matcha green tea, sencha tea and gunpowder tea, which are the most consumed. It has also popularised the consumption of tea with lemon, as it adds to its herbal flavour, providing a citrus and refreshing touch. As well as its characteristic flavour, the properties of green tea with lemon have made this drink become popular. This is because the benefits of green tea are intensified when vitamin C is added from lemons. 

Some of the types of green tea that have won over tea lovers the most, whether due to their delicious flavours, surprising aromas or multiple properties, are the Gracia Blend green tea and the Matcha green tea. Discover the revolutionary blends with Tea Shop’s green teas, such as the SensualTea Sweet, with ginseng and mango, peony and calendula petals, and passion fruit and mango flavouring. Delight all your senses and buy green tea from Tea Shop containing the most magical ingredients.

 Use gree tea to lose weight 

The benefits of green tea for weight loss have sometimes been questioned or mythologised by dubious claims. What is undeniable is that green tea accelerates metabolism and promotes fat burning, so drinking this natural herbal tea regularly can help with losing weight. Tea Shop always recommends accompanying this habit with a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you choose to drink green tea to lose weight, the most important thing in order to maximise efficiency is to be constant and measure the right amount. If you do not know how to prepare green tea to lose weight, you can do so with loose tea or tea bags, and drink it as a hot herbal tea or as a cold tea. 

Buy green tea from Tea Shop 

Buy green tea in its loose form and consume it regularly. This can have multiple benefits that will help you to feel good on both the inside and the outside. Discover the most surprising green tea varieties and combinations in the Tea Shop store and buy green tea online in your preferred form with loose green tea from our online store. Don’t forget that buying from our online store allows you to receive it in 24-72 hours!