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Tins for tea

Designed to keep all types of tea and herbal tea in perfect condition

About Tins for tea

Tins for tea Tins for tea are a kind of specialised accessory for the optimal preservation of tea. It allows you to preserve loose tea in a sealed and dry place to be able to keep all the properties, aromas, textures and flavours of your favourite tea intact. Discover the entire collection of metal tins for tea, decorated with original and striking designs that will give a light-hearted touch to your kitchen or pantry. 

Tins for storing tea

The containers for storing tea that you can find in our catalogue of tea tins feature a hermetic seal that allows you to preserve tea in perfect condition and preserve all of its properties. Our tins for storing tea have capacities from 100 grams. Choose the design of the tea tin that you like most and preserve your herbal teas in perfect condition. 

Metallic tins for tea

In Tea Shop’s online tea store, we are offering you metallic tins for tea with fun designs in which to store your favourite tea easily and safely. Choose the tin for tea model that you like most and enjoy your loose tea whenever you want.