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Glass teapots

You will fall in love with the elegant, practical and minimalist design of this glass teapot

About Glass teapots

Find the glass teapots you were looking for for your home now in our Tea Shop online store. An incredible selection of glass teapots characterised by their heat resistance with a stainless steel filter, silicone coating and lid included. 

These glass teapots are made to withstand high temperatures and even washing in the dishwasher. Thanks to these characteristics and, above all, their transparent designs, we can enjoy an entire colour show while contemplating how tea or herbal tea is infused.

Discover all our glass teapots

From among our selection of glass teapots, you can get the one you like the most, as we have various models of glass teapots available with different capacities and filter colours so that you can choose the one you like most. You just have to go to our Tea Shop online tea store, discover our incredible selection of tea, choose the perfect glass teapot and begin to enjoy your perfect tea.

Buy glass teapots with incredible designs at Tea Shop

One of the main advantages that we can get from buying a glass teapot is that we are able to see how the water is changing in colour and taking on the tonality of the tea or herbal tea. This type of glass teapot, which you can get from Tea Shop now, is ideal to enjoy tea both hot and cold, and is perfect to infuse rooibos tea thanks to the micro-perforated infuser.