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Glass Mugs

You will fall in love with the unique, resistant and original characteristics of these glass mugs

About Glass Mugs

Drinking a coffee, a tea or a herbal tea can become a moment that we can enjoy to the full. To enjoy it even more, we need to take into account the benefits that we get if we use the right mug for this moment of relaxation. It is very important to be aware that not all vessels retain the heat well and maintain the delicious flavour of the tea. For this reason, without the right vessel, it may end up losing its charm.

 The first step to enjoying and savouring a good tea is to choose a good-quality vessel, as the right choice could affect the colour, scent and flavour of the tea. This is why, at Tea Shop, you will find the best offers for mugs, such as our glass mugs that make the best vessels to taste tea. This is because they allow us to enjoy the colour of the tea, without interfering in its flavour and helping it to correctly maintain the temperature. The thermal glass mugs are characterised by their resistance and their exclusive and original design. In addition, they include a stainless steel filter with a coloured silicone coating and a lid that will help us to both retain the heat and place the filter on once infused. These glass mugs have a capacity of 300 ml, becoming the ideal mug to enjoy your tea moment and allowing you to appreciate the different nuances and colours of the tea while it is infusing. 

 As you know, nowadays there are many types of mugs. At Tea Shop, we want you to have the widest selection of glass mugs, designed so that they can withstand high temperatures. 

Find your glass mug with a modern design in our Tea Shop online store to prepare a good cup of tea.