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Organic collection

Protect your body and enjoy the multiple benefits of our organic packs of tea

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About Organic collection

From our commitment to nature comes the Organic Collection. 
We have created two new formats adapting to the different needs of our customers: one 75 g tin of loose tea that allows you to enjoy the fullest of sensory experiences; and a box of 9 tea bags containing the perfect amount, ready for infusion. 

 Both formats retain all the quality and properties of the tea. In the Organic Collection, you will find loose tea and herbal teas. Among its numerous benefits, loose tea stands out as being a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to protect our bodies. Meanwhile, the herbal teas, with their fruit, flower and plant bases, do not contain theine and have digestive and relaxing properties.

 Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in all our teas and herbal teas, as in our packaging with 100% recyclable materials. 

Our organic teas are produced without any pesticides or contaminant agents, meaning that they are 100% organic and sustainable. In our collection, you will find 9 extremely high-quality, organic blends that respect the earth and the environment. Unlike other tea bags, Tea Shop invests in Soilon as a 100% natural biodegradable material.