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Carry on enjoying the most intense flavours and aromas with our decaffeinated teas.

About Decaf Tea

Infusions of decaffeinated black tea are known for their amber colour, body and intense flavours, which the most fanatical tea enthusiasts love. One of the main characteristics that makes this tea stand out from the rest is its low theine content.


Black tea has many benefits that help us look after our bodies. One of the properties of decaffeinated black tea is its low antioxidant content, which helps us to avoid a lack of sleep but is detrimental in the event of heartburn, dehydration and heart problems. It is also considered a very effective natural drink in the prevention of tooth decay and in countering cholesterol. On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget the properties of black tea for losing weight. Although other types of tea such as red or green tea are more effective, this loose tea can also help us lose weight alongside a balanced diet.

In addition to the multiple properties of black tea for our health, it is also considered a perfect substitute for coffee, in this case, with a low theine content. It is one of the least stimulating varieties of tea within the black tea family. Enjoy an energetic decaffeinated tea!


The Earl Grey variety of black tea is one of the big stars in Great Britain during its legendary tea time. This infusion is made from a blend of tea flavoured with bergamot oil, which gives it a milder flavour and an unmistakable aroma. The Earl Grey Decaf tea blend retains all the benefits of black tea, offering a milder flavour and a low theine content. One of the most popular ways to drink it is by mixing the black tea with milk or a plant-based drink for the most appetising of Earl Grey black tea infusions. The milk gives it body with a smooth texture, as well as a more delicate and sweet flavour at the same time.