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you can make 50 cups of tea with only 100g of bulk tea?
Did you know that herbal teas…

are known for their great properties and benefits that make us feel better? Relaxing and diuretic teas will help you relax, while other ones will be your best friend on those days when you need a boost your energy and vitality thanks to their minerals and vitamins.  You will not only feel good on the outside...but also on the inside!

A tea for each moment
Take some time for yourself and enjoy the pleasure of drinking a herbal tea and getting your energy back thanks to its vitamin content and revitalizing properties, such as our Indian Secrets, and don't run out of energy!
Or you can rest and relax with a digestive herbal tea. All you need is a sofa, a blanket, a book, a Camomilla Golden...This is your moment!

Pack Autumn Leaves
A collection designed  to take care you inside and out. The pack includes: Mug Kalpana Autumn, Minitin Autumn Leaves, Minitin Autumn Leaves, Minitin Autumn Leaves Green.
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Pack Kit Jengibre
A collection designed  to ginger lovers. The pack includes: Mug Emmeline Fall in Love, 100g Ginger Balm, ginger jam, ginger honey.
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