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you can make 50 cups of tea with only 100g of bulk tea?
Let us help you find your tea
With our tea recommender you will find your perfect tea in 2 minutes.
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It is the beauty season for Tea Shop...
...with our new Sakura Beauty Blend, a delicious green and white tea blend with rosebuds and morello cherries. Pamper yourself!
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Now that summer is coming...
Tea Shop care routine brings you 4 basic beauty tips:

Drink Black tea in the morning, protect your skin from the sun!
Drink Green tea for your hair
Enjoy White tea, which is a powerful antioxidant
Drink three cups of Red tea to stay in shape, our summer body secret!

Japan BeauTEA
A collection designed  to take care you inside and out. The pack includes: Mug Harmony Japan Spring, 100g Beauty Guarana, Medida Inox 12,5cm
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Travel BeauTEA
A collection designed to take care you inside and out. The pack includes: Travel Tea Mug Brooklyn Red, Super Moringa Red Fruits 100g, Canela cookies
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