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you can make 50 cups of tea with only 100g of bulk tea?
Did you know that there are different types of Matcha Tea? Choose yours!
For the most kitchenettes, Matcha Cooking tea is perfect for making cakes, ice creams, cupcakes... The perfect and sweetest Matcha tea!...Are you a classic Matcha tea flavour lover? Organic Matcha tea will keep you active to face every day thanks to its antioxidant properties with its more traditional flavour!Do you believe in miracles? Organic Miracle Matcha is the best Matcha tea par excellence, it has 20 times more antioxidants than Matcha tea.
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Do you know how to prepare the Matcha tea?
Matcha tea is a Japanese green tea with the highest quality made with the most tender leaves of the tea, reduced to dust. Around Matcha tea there is a Japanese culture transmitted from generation to generation regarding the preparation of tea that represents the wisdom and way of being of the Japanese people.

Did you know that in Japan the steps to make Matcha tea are considered as the Tea Ceremony and that each family also has its own way of preparing it?
We give you some basic steps. Take note!

Step 1. Add a quantity of 2g of Matcha tea in the bowl
Step 2. Add 50 ml of hot water that was previously boiled at 80ºC
Step 3. Stir vigorously following the shape of a "W" with a whisk until dissolving Matcha tea and create a dense and durable foam.
Step 4. Finally remove the bamboo whisk and add almond vegetable milk or oat according to taste.

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My Sweet Matcha
A collection designed to lover of the sweetest Matcha. The pack includes: Matcha Latte Vanilla & Chocolate, Matcha Shaker, Bamboo Spoon
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Traditional Miracle Matcha
An exclusive collection designed with the highest quality Matcha tea to take care of you. The pack includes: Organic Miracle Matcha, Bamboo Whisk, Whisk Holder, Bamboo Spoon
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