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you can make 50 cups of tea with only 100g of bulk tea?
Iced Teas are coming to Tea Shop
Heat, patios friends, laughter and the most refreshing Iced Teas so that you can continue to be healthy in summer. Among them we find Sangría Tea, a fruit cocktail to enjoy the moment, care to join us?
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The tea that will make you shine this summer...

...and will help you care for your skin, Sunny Peach! The sun will not shine alone this summer. 

Pack No drama llama
A collection designed with llama style. The pack includes: Mug Super Jumbo Llama, Minitin Llama (3 units)
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Pack Iced Summer
A collection designed to cool down in Summer. The pack includes: Limited Edition Iced Tea, All in One Jumbo Blue Sea
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