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you can make 50 cups of tea with only 100g of bulk tea?
Welcome to India
This month, travel to India with Tea Shop’s chai teas. Spiced teas for the most daring among you: spicy, fresh, citrus and much more. 
Pack Special Chai

Discover our special packs of chai tea. A collection designed for those who don’t want to miss out on any Hindu flavours. All in One Taj Mahal Pack, All in One Full Chai Pack and Special Chai Pack.

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Organic Cúrcuma Latte
 Coconut milk-flavoured powder drink with spices for the preparation of hot drinks. Coconut, ginger and turmeric from organic crops.
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Full Pack Chai All In One
A collection designed for those who do not want to give up any Indian flavor. The pack includes: Set Chai Indian Experience, Chia&Ginger chocolates, All in one mug purple, Lata India 250g.
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