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Loose herbal tea Sweet Turron

A Christmas full of sweetness with our Sweet Turrón infusion. It will delight your palate and make you remember the intense flavor of the most classic nougat. An apple base mixed with almond chips, cinnamon and the most delicious aromas of marzipan.

Funcionality: Rich in Vitamins 

Additional information: Sweet Turrón and our Smart Winter Wonderland mug, a perfect gift. With Sweet Turrón we contemplate the ancient secret of happiness: "wish for what I already have, live a moment that is already mine." An anonymous saying that we can make ours when we are enjoying this infusion. The sweet and original drink that will put the "final touch” to Christmas meals.

Ingredients: A Christmas full of sweetness with the intense flavor of the most classic nougat: apple mixed with almond, cinnamon and the aromas of marzipan.

Spiced and sweet
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How to brew your herbal tea
With a number of benefits, herbal teas are perfect for all those who want to enjoy a drink full of properties, but without any theine.

It is made from the leaves, flowers, roots, seeds and fruits, amongst other things, of specific herbs and plants. There are countless blends to fit the consumer's tastes, such as floral ones and fruity ones.
2g cup
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Nutritional value Sweet Turrón
Nutritional Value (calculated)
Energy<4 kj/100ml
<1 kcal/100ml
Fat<0.1 g/100ml
- of which saturated<0.1 g/100ml
Carbohydrate<0.1 g/100ml
- of which sugars<0.1 g/100ml
Protein<0.10 g/100ml
Salt<0.01 g/100ml
Quality matters

Why is Tea Shop tea one of the best in Europe?

The passion and pride of working in the world of tea are what drive our constant evolution, and what have allowed us to offer the framework of service and care that this highly appreciated product with over 2,000 years of history deserves. Since 1990 our knowledge and experience has been geared to the quality of our products, which we treat with respect and meticulousness.

We never sacrifice the quality of the tea because quality is an essential part of the soul of Tea Shop.

1. Our close cooperation with international dealersallows us to selectthe best cropsand plantationsin the world whereteais harvestedmanually; this careful selection ofonly the youngand tendertealeavesproduces higher qualityand freshness.

2. The production processes at source are assessed to ensure fair treatment of both the environment and the people who work in it. This relationship with growers and dealers gives us a competitive advantage in obtaining the best selection. 3. We use specific, controlled ingredients for each of our formulations of teas with flowers, berries and flavours. The basic teas are of the highest quality and specific to each blend. In the combination we use natural flavours and identical flavours to the natural ones, which gives our blends their characteristic fresh and lasting touch.

4. Our modern blending and packaging systemin double layer heat-sealed envelopes, ensures the freshness and quality of our product at every step of the supply chain. We package our teas for distribution in maximum quantities of 1 Kg, designing  storage and transportation processes based on the fragility of the leaves to protect their integrity from the source to the consumer.   5. In our shops tea is stored in corporate cans, specifically designed for this purpose, ensuring the necessary cool and dry environment. The packaging for retail bags is triple layer, the inner one being made of rice paper to accommodate the tea leaves in the most comfortable way.

6. All these processes are controlled following strict EU standards. In addition, our traceability system, i.e. batch number for each consignment of tea, ensures tracking from source to final consumption and allows product shelf life and rotation to be managed at the point of sale.

7. As members of the ""Spanish Teas and Infusions Association"" (AETI) we follow the European and Spanish legislation with the appropriate “Health Registry” licences and numbers as tea importers and handlers.

8. We have limited our assortment of teas and infusions to about 120 varieties to optimize their rotation in stores. Our range, the result of serving over 500,000 people a year, has the necessary variety to meet the needs of our customers. This balance allows us to offer our products at their peak of freshness and naturalness.

9. The accessories that we offer for sale, regardless of origin, are fully guaranteed for food use. Moreover, our selection system only accepts accessories which are functionally suitable for use with tea.  

10. We believe that the pleasure and satisfaction offered by a good cup of tea is only possible by treating the product with utmost care and respect, hence the high added value our products possess and which distinguishes us in Europe. Our reputation and the loyalty we owe to our customers make our obsession for quality indispensable. Among our range of teas, we offer organic varieties distinguished with labels that guarantee this.  

Quality guarantee

Delivery Service
Is there a minimum purchase?

No, you don't have to make a minimum purchase.

How much is the shipping fee?

Expenses for transport and delivery amount to 6,00€ for orders up to 35,00€ to the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands and to 10,00€ for orders up to 45,00€ to everywhere else.

Where do you ship to?

The home delivery service extends to Mainland Spain, Balearic Islands and European Union countries. Any community territories where Value Added Tax is not directly applied are exluded, for example the Canary Islands, Monaco and the Faroe Islands.

When will it be delivered?

The order will be delivered from monday to friday except bank holidays.

Will my order arrive in good condition?

Of course! If it arrives broken or defective due to transport do not worry, you can indicate it on the delivery note of the carrier and call Customer Service within 24 hours since the receipt of the product to make the claim.

I want to know more.

For more information you can consult the General Conditions or call Customer Service (93 434 26 64) if you need to know how your order is progressing.

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