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Tea Bags

Enjoy these practical and convenient tea bags wherever and however you want

About Tea Bags

Tea pyramids, commonly known as tea bags, allow you to enjoy your tea wherever and however you want, without taking up space. Convenient and practical, these bags for tea will differ from those that you already know as they contain a fresh and high-quality product, very different from the industrialised "tea in bags" that we normally come across.

 The shape of the Tea Bags allows the tea leaves to open completely, thus giving the leaves much more room to infuse and allowing the tea to release all its aroma and flavour. This pyramid tea bag format enables you to enjoy a tea of the same quality as loose tea in a simple, convenient and practical way. Our Tea Bags contain 9 units of 2 g each. In our line of 100% organic and sustainable teas, certified by Euro-Leaf, we find a large variety of teas and herbal teas. Among them, we have black tea, green tea, red tea and aromatised herbal teas that can only be found in the most exclusive tea shops. 

Would you like high-quality tea to go? Try our herbal teas in Tea Shop tea bags that we have for you in our online store.