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Sweeten your tea or herbal tea a little more with our selection of sugars, and give all your cups a special touch

About Sugar

Would you like to give your teas, rooibos teas and herbal teas an extra touch? Try with the sugars containing Tea Shop flavours and aromas. 

Vanilla, lemon or caramel. Which do you prefer? Let us explain! In our selection of sugars, you can find different types, including the one that best suits your tastes. There is the crunchy sugar with a delicate lemon aroma or a crunchy sugar with a sweet vanilla aroma. If you are more for cinnamon, you can always get this crunchy sugar with a cinnamon aroma. With this sugar, you can enjoy your favourite teas and herbal teas, and surprise your guests with just a small teaspoon of sugar to sweeten your cup of tea. 

Sweeten your tea to taste thanks to the different types of sugar that you will find in our Tea Shop online store.